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    Authors Alonso Díaz, Santiago, Forero, Carlos Esteban
    Published 2012-07-01
    Description: ... environment. For that purpose, 31 male students played a version of a well-known game called the multi-armed...
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    Authors Méndez Bautista, Martha Pilar
    Published 2013-05-10
    Description: ... in the School of Virtual Environments at a Colombian University located in Bogotá, and designed...
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    Authors Echeverri, Jaime Alberto, González, Liliana
    Published 2013-11-07
    Description: ... participantes.Abstract: This paper presents a proposal for the conceptual modeling of user in ubiquitous environments...
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    Authors Martín Gómez, Sonia, Masa Lorenzo, Cristina
    Published 2018-04-02
    Description: ... (collaborative learning environment-cle), con la utilización para su desarrollo del aprendizaje colaborativo...