Your search - The aim of this research project is to determine in what extent the implementation of the musical intelligence influences the lexical competence of students of 9th grade from John Dewey School. This project was carried out in a private institution in Calarcá Quindio with a population sample of 14 students between 14 and 15 years old. The analysis of the results showed a positive impact in the motivation of students in learning English, this motivation is due to the musical component and the topics chosen by the research teacher that were based on their age and their interests, this combination make the classes understandable and enjoyable.; - did not match any resources.

Perhaps you should try some spelling variations:
musical intelligence » critical intelligence, emotional intelligence, business intelligence
private institution » state institution
understandable and » understanding and
lexical competence » device competence, digital competence, general competence
the implementation » e implementacion, la implementacion
population sample » population uae
implementation of » implementacion de
research project » research projects
combination make » combinacion de, combination of, combination on
this combination » the combination, a combination
research teacher » research the, research learned, research saber
students between » students beliefs, students degree, study between
positive impact » positive act, political impact
their interests » the interest
influences the » influence the, influencing the, influence their
the motivation » the cultivation, the estimation, de motivacion
institution in » institutions in, institutions of
competence of » competence for, competence in, competence by
motivation is » motivation in, motivation to, motivation and
motivation of » motivation in, motivation to, motivation and
this research » in research, to research, as research
component and » components and, components in, component of
the research » of research
teacher that » teacher what, teacher as, teacher bias
determine in » determine it, determine the, determina el
was carried » as carrier
project was » project as, project a, project based
14 students » in students, at students, os students
the lexical » the mexican, the medical, the chemical
the musical » the music, the magical, the medical
in learning » on learning, line learning, and learning
the classes » the classics, the cases, the class
the topics » the tropics, the tics, the tropic
were based » web based
between 14 » between a, between an, between 0
a positive » c positive, and positive, are positive
project is » project as, projects in, project of
grade from » made from, gaze from, graft from
that were » that are, that work
their age » the age, their use
impact in » impact on, impacto en, impacts on
sample of » samples of, example of, sale of
a private » and private, of private, on private
years old » years of
9th grade » 9th graders
15 years » 5 years, 10 years, 14 years
make the » care the, case the, are the
showed a » show a, shows a
on their » of their, in their, for their
of this » of things, of ethics, of their
in what » in white
age and » case and, care and, game and
out in » but in, court in
of 9th » of 19th
aim of » arm of, claim of
14 and » 24 and
and 15 » and 12, and 25, and 2015
of 14 » of 164, of 1, of 13
is to » is no, as to

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