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  • 3
    Authors Frasson-Quenoz, Florent
    Published 2016-06-15
    Keyword: ...Latin american thinking in international relations...
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    Authors Villanueva Rivas, César
    Published 2024-02-08
    Keyword: system...
  • 5
    Authors Díaz Vera, Lina María
    Published 2017-06-30
    Description: ... the technology embedded on it. The territorial scope of IP rights and the lack of an international consensus...
  • 9
    Authors Wright, Nancy
    Published 2022-12-05
    Keyword: ...International relations;...
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    Keyword: ...internal employability, intention to resign from work, job satisfaction, organizational commitment....
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    Authors Pardo Amézquita, Diego
    Published 2016-06-15
    Description: ... to deter as well as an alternative measures are difficult to adopt at an international level...